Deciding Between a Bunk Bed and a Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Shopping

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When children frequently have friends or cousins staying overnight, the parents may decide it’s time to shop for some extra bed space for these guests. A bunk bed and a Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI provide additional space in a convenient way that kids tend to find fun. Parents will want to consider the advantages of each before deciding which to buy.

Bunk Bed Advantage

A bunk bed takes up less floor space than a trundle bed, which can be important in a smaller room. That room may be able to accommodate two bunk beds but only one trundle bed.

Bunk Bed Problems

Changing sheets on the top bunk tends to be difficult for shorter adults. A trundle bed also prevents arguments among two young guests who both want the top bunk. There also may be times when two guests are expected to use the bunk bed but neither feels comfortable sleeping on the top.

Age Considerations

Manufacturers include warnings that children under age six should not sleep on the top. They are at greater risk of rolling out of the bed or falling while trying to get down. Even somewhat older kids can have trouble maneuvering on a ladder in the dark. Since both sleeping areas of a Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI are closer to the floor, this eliminates problems with falling from a top bunk.

Advantages of Trundle Beds

With a trundle bed from a store such as The Lullabye Shop, the child who lives in the house typically gets his or her usual spot while the guest sleeps on the pullout mattress. A larger room might accommodate two trundle beds and more than one guest.

Half of the trundle bed can be pushed back under the top mattress when it’s not in use. It only is pulled out when needed. In contrast, the two parts of a bunk bed are always there even when nobody is sleeping on the extra mattress.

Trundle beds work best when there is enough space on either side for a child to get up. Otherwise, it’s similar to having a double or queen bed pushed against a wall and two people sleeping in it.