Make Safe Use of E Cigarette Batteries

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Shopping

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All batteries can potentially explode, and it is possible that this unfortunate incident could occur with your e cigarette batteries. However, you will find that most incidents reported are avoidable with the right precautions. All you need to do is bear in mind certain safety procedures, and explosions will be as rare as about one in millions.

What Constitutes E Cigarette Batteries

Lead acid batteries have been used as power sources for many consumer electronics for decades. Today however, lithium batteries are most commonly used due to their safety, higher energy density and slow loss of charge, in devices like laptops, cell phones, and cameras. Top brand e cigarette batteries are powered by lithium-ion. These cells have been found to contain an electrolyte that is flammable and hence must be kept under the right pressure. They are only dangerous when not manufactured correctly, which is the case with most instances where the e cigarette batteries have exploded. Incorrect modifications to e-cigarettes can also cause them to combust due to overheating.

Safety Tips

With all electrical devices comes the risk of short circuits and corrosion. However, if you practice general safety measures with e cigarette batteries – you will be just fine.

1. If you are using a modified cigarette model, read up which batteries are safe for them

2. Don’t leave e cigarette batteries unattended while they’re charging

3. Extra batteries which are not in use should be kept in a protective case

4. If a battery feels hot or looks swollen, don’t use it

5. Use reputable charging equipment that is provided by your supplier

6. Buy batteries from a trustworthy retail source

7. Don’t bring water in direct contact with your batteries

8. Keep your batteries away from direct sunlight or extreme cold

Environmental Safety

Cigarette butts cause a lot of litter. The chemicals in these butts often mix with the groundwater, and release toxins that pollute the water. Also, cigarette filters are basically plastic, and take years to disintegrate. With e cigarettes, you can cut down on a large amount of pollution. E cigarette batteries do not contain toxic substances, and are therefore categorized into non-hazardous waste. However, don’t toss your used device in the trash. Rather, engage in the recycle of e waste by carrying it to a recycling center. Recycling is one of the best things about vaping.

A majority of the mishaps arising with e cigarettes are caused either by an error that occurred on the part of the user, or due to poor quality devices. You can enjoy your vaping experience as long as you know how your device works, and you stay away from non-reputable brands.