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What Is Your Best Chicken Salad?

Salad is not everyone’s favorite meal, but when combined with a variety of added toppings, a simple salad can easily become a meal. In NJ, there are many different locations to find all types of salads, so it is really a case of knowing what you want.

There are so many different ingredients, dressings and options in topping to have on salads it can be difficult to make a direct comparison from one to another. However, for a tasty lunch meal that is going to last you through the rest of the day or a dinner that keeps you satisfied, look for a salad that features a healthy protein.

The Classic Chicken Salad

For anyone who has a craving for a lunch salad or a salad for dinner, then a chicken salad is definitely the way to go. The best chicken salad can be a traditional type of salad, or it can be any number of classic types of salad with chicken added as a topping or an extra.

The classic option is often considered the best chicken salad by those who enjoy the rich creaminess of the combination of diced roast or grilled chicken, or even chicken cooked on a rotisserie. The meat is mixed with mayonnaise and sometimes a small amount of sour cream, then seasoned to create a slight pepper taste. Diced celery, onions and even small amounts of fresh herbs can also be added.

The mixture is then added over the top of a wonderful bed of lettuce, vegetables and even other toppings of your choice. This salad is great any time of the year, but it definitely is a staple in the hot summer months.

Other Options

For other people, the best chicken salad in NJ is a combination of their favorite type of salad topped with crispy fried chicken or delicious grilled chicken. A Caeser salad with crunchy croutons and grilled chicken is always a popular combination, as is a traditional garden salad topped with crispy fried chicken and your favorite dressing.