You’ve Found The Perfect Sealy Mattress In Lafayette: Now What?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Online Shopping

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Everyone in Lafayette has probably heard that the Sealy brand is the best mattress brand out there. If you’ve already decided that you want one, you’ll be buying it soon or have already done so. However, most people forget to think about the other things necessary for their bed. While you can sleep on it with nothing else, most people want sheets, blankets and pillows.


Once you’ve chosen the Sealy mattress you want, it’s time to think about the sheets. Many options are available, including cotton, flannel and more. You’ll also find various thread counts and other options. You’ll also want to consider sheet sets, which will come with the fitted sheet (that goes over the mattresses), flat sheets that go between the fitted sheet and blankets, and pillowcases.

Whether you want a simple style or something with a funky design, you’ve got options.


No bed would be complete without a blanket (or two). In most cases, the blanket is the primary consideration because when the bed is made, the blanket is seen by anyone who enters the room. Children may prefer blankets with fun cartoon characters, but you can find options to suit anyone’s needs.

You’ll find embroidered and textured versions, printed or patterned options and so much more to mix, match and have fun.


Once people choose mattresses and get them inside the bedroom, they usually remember that they require pillows. While some beds boast that pillows aren’t needed, most people feel more comfortable resting their heads on something other than their mattresses.

However, you’ve got firm ones, soft ones and anything in between, making it hard to decide which one fits your needs best.

For people who sleep on their sides and back, a medium pillow may be best. If you enjoy sleeping on your stomach, however, a softer pillow is usually best. Those who prefer to sleep on one side only will prefer a firmer pillow (firm or medium-firm) to ensure that neck positioning is correct throughout the night.

You’ll also notice that pillows can be filled with various materials. Some prefer a down pillow or one filled with feathers. They can last for years, but you may get poked by the feather tips. Others prefer a memory foam option because it conforms to their head and “remembers” their shape.

A Sealy mattress in Lafayette is one of the most important aspects of the bedroom, but don’t forget the accessories, such as pillows and linens. Visit Mattress Direct now to learn more.