4 Things to Remember When You Shop For Women’s Boxing Shoes

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Shopping

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Getting into a sport can change your life. It can boost your confidence, give you new-found friends and help you stay fit and healthy. It’s certainly a better use of your time and money than having to spend time and money on surgeries or maintenance drugs.

It’s also easy to keep to your ideal weight when you’ve found a sport that suits you. And with more and more women putting on the gloves and spending time in the ring, it might be worth it to give boxing a try or two.

First things first, though. You’ll need the right shoes. Here’s what you need to know if you’re scouring through boxing shoes for women and buying a pair for the first time:

Look for traction

You want shoes that help you move better in the ring, one that makes it easy for you to get a good grip on the mat. Losing your footing and balance is a surefire way to getting yourself knocked out. If you don’t want to be KO’d, you’ll want to look for a pair with good rubber soles. Those make for great traction.

High tops or mid tops?

Mid tops offer great speed and mobility, allowing you to move that much faster. However, it does so by sacrificing ankle support. High tops, on the other hand, provide lateral support, the Athlete Audit says. That helps ease the stress on your muscles. However, it tends to limit your footwork in the ring. Still if you already have an old ankle injury, it’s better to go for high tops since these provide you with added protection and work as a handy preventive measure against future injuries or further damage.

Consider the weight

You can’t be fast on your feet if your shoes are weighing you down. Pick the lightest pair you can find. But don’t compromise on features. Do your best to scour around for boxing shoes for women until you find one that’s as lightweight as possible, given the features you need.

Choose the right material

Serious exercise makes you sweat so go for a pair in breathable material. Suede and leather are great options along with synthetic leather or mesh. If you don’t pick breathable materials, that’s going to leave your feet sweaty and smelly.


Finding the right shoes for your exercise doesn’t just improve your performance. In the best ways, it keeps your safe and happy too.