Design Elements that Compliment a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Furniture

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A child’s bedroom should be beautiful, functional and up-to-date like any other room in a home. The Lullabye Shop offers new furniture that is affordable for parents and smart for kids of all ages. There are several styles and trends to consider. Their showroom professionals offer some styles and design ideas to consider when the time comes to update or create a bedroom for a child.

Fun Shapes

Geometry is a playful addition to rooms for children of all ages. Simples squares, triangles, and circles make bold statements. This is especially true when they are in colors that contrast with the rest of the room. Choose a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI that features clean lines and built-in storage. This will keep the room from being too busy with the other accents. Pick furniture that reflects the child’s personality whether it be the color of it or a matching bookshelf for those that love to read.

Gender Neutral

This design for children’s bedrooms provides a more sophisticated look. Gender neutral rooms are not screaming boy or girl. When walking into a room, a person might immediately realize who the room was designed for. This can be achieved by choosing a neutral palette like gray, white or beige and accenting it with colors that aren’t associated with either gender. This might be yellow or green. This approach is very popular because the bedroom style will stay with the child as they get older. The room won’t have to be completely overhauled when they become a pre-teen.


The rise of copper, brass and rose gold elements in home furniture continues to gain popularity. These metal textures add shine to bedroom furniture and other items in the room. Sparkly gold knobs on a nightstand or copper knobs on a dresser are great ways to incorporate metal into a child’s room. It is okay to mix and match the tones to complement the colors in the room.

Those planning to purchase a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI and then design the rest of the room around it should visit us website. They cater to kids of all ages, from the time they are newborns well into their teens. They have many brands and styles to choose from. They serve the residents in the areas of Appleton and Green Bay, WI.