Familiarize Yourself with the Best Automatic Knives for Sale

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Knives

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The automatic knife is sometimes known as a switchblade and is among the best kind of knives on the market. An automatic knife is a knife that can be opened with the push of a switch or a button. The following are the best automatic knives for sale.

Kershaw Launch 6

The Kershaw Launch 6 knife is a full-sized auto with a 3.337-inch drop-point blade and an aluminium handle. It usually has a cohesive all-black appearance that is downright sexy. With the new Kershaw Launch 15 coming out in 2024, the list could easily have contained 10 different Launch Knives since they are all simply excellent.

Gerber 06 Auto

The Gerber 06 Auto is one of the oldest models on this list, and it is still as excellent as ever. The 06 Auto was released in 2006 and made mainly to assist the American military who were deployed around the globe. It has a strong design with a 3.6-inch blade in a drop-point or tanto blade made from S30V stainless steel. It has a big aluminium handle that is made to fit gloves.

Benchmade 9400 Auto Osborne

The Benchmade 9400 Auto Osborne really corner the market on excellent and varied automatic knife designs. The 940 is among the most quintessential EDC knives of all time; hence, Benchmade decided to offer it the auto treatment. It has a similar design as the original, with its green anodized aluminium handle and green 3.4–inch reverse tanto blade in S30v steel.

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