How to Sell Silver in Arlington TX

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Jewelry

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Selling silver is a great way to earn quick cash and clear out some of the clutter from around your home. If you decide you want to Sell Silver in Arlington TX, there are a few steps you should take to ensure a smoother and more profitable experience.

The first thing you should do is gather up all the silver items you want to sell. Silver can come in unexpected forms. Some items that can be silver are watches, jewelry, flatware, candlesticks and other home decor. Other places you should look for possible silver are coins, mirrors, and hair accessories. Tiny amounts of silver can be found in electronics, but unless you have a lot of dead electronics laying around and have the skills and knowledge to safely remove it, it most likely isn’t your best option. Jewelry that contains gemstones might be worth more as a whole through a jeweler, so it’s recommended to get those items appraised before selling them for their silver content alone.

Once you have all your unwanted silver gathered you should do a quick test to ensure it’s really silver. This can be done at home easily by examining it for the word “sterling” or “.925,” which indicate that it is silver. If no mark is found, you can carefully scratch the surface in an inconspicuous area with a pin. If you see a darker color in the scratch, such as copper, the item isn’t real silver. If you would like, silver testing kits can be purchased which use acid to test the silver content. When in doubt, all silver buyers will test the items before buying them to ensure they are real. Testing them yourself will save you the hassle of rejected items.

Don’t run to the nearest pawn shop to sell your silver. They may seem like quick fixes; however, they might not offer you the best price. If your items contain antiques, coins, or unbroken jewelry you should get them evaluated because these items might fetch a larger sum if they are sold to collectors. For your other items, you want to make sure the buyer is reputable and offers fair market value. Jewelry stores and exchanges are likely to be the best option because precious metals are their specialty.

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