Looking at Thrift Stores With New Eyes: It’s About Possibilities and Magic

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Shopping

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Cable home renovation shows have done a lot for homeowners remodeling their homes. The shows have given homeowners magic. They’ve shown homeowners possibilities and imagination. The remodeling experts on home renovation shows have taken what was once old and unsightly and turn it into new, attractive, and useful. Here’s how homeowners can turn vintage furniture in Jacksonville into new and hip furnishings and accessories.


Not that people will see many oak barrels in thrift stores, but if they do, the barrels can be cut in half. Attach wood or glass to the top of the barrel, and homeowners have end tables or occasional tables. Stacks of old luggage can be cleaned up, glued or strapped together, and turned into coffee tables by adding wood or glass tops. Old steamer trunks can be cleaned up, placed at the foot of beds, and store blankets and bed linens. They can be used in remodeled bathrooms to hold towels and soaps.


While these cable show remodelers are experts, homeowners can use their own imaginations to turn thrift store chic into magazine-style hot. All homeowners need is some of Joanna Gaines’ shiplap, white paint, and odds and ends from thrift stores. Varying sized jars, for example, will hold wisps of flowers, wood cooking utensils, multi-colored wind wheels, pinecones, or, well, whatever homeowners have at hand.

Old books look good on shelves placed at interesting angles and places. Old doors, especially old doors with iron barn fittings, mounted on a wall are great for holding umbrellas, purses, book bags, and raincoats. Old copper pots look great hanging from a ceiling holder. Old-fashioned milk jugs hold everything from umbrellas to walking sticks to brooms and mops.

Stack the shelves in the new kitchen with colorful “old” dishes like Pyrex and Fiesta by going to Thrift Life. Thrift Life allows you to give new life to old pillows by embroidering butterflies on them and using them on the porch chairs. The possibilities are endless and chic, and vintage furniture in Jacksonville brings magic to any home.

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