How to Store Shoes for Women in San Diego, CA

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Shopping

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Some shoes are a great deal and aren’t going to break the bank. Others seem like more of an investment. In both cases, it’s important that the shoes are well taken care of and last a long time. One of the biggest issues that women have with shoes is finding a way to store them that offers easy access while still protecting the shoes. Here are a couple of options to choose from.

Use a Shoe Rack

With a number of Shoes For Women in San Diego CA stacking up in the closet, it can be tempting to grab a bin and toss everything in it. That way, when a pair is needed, they are easy to find. But aside from making a mess in the closet, shoes tend to come into a lot of contact with each other. This means creating scratches and folds that aren’t going to work well for the aesthetic. Shoe racks are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes to fit every space.

Keep the Shoe Boxes

Most shoes come with shoe boxes. Consider keeping them and stacking them on top of on another. This offers protection from others shoes as well as dirt and debris that can collect when shoes sit for an extended amount of time. Boxes can be stacked high in the closet or on the floor of the space, making it easy to take inventory at the beginning of the day and select that perfect pair of Shoes For Women in San Diego CA.

Purchase Clear Shoe Containers

Boxes offer protection and don’t come with additional cost, making them a great choice for shoe storage. However, it can be tough to open each of the boxes to get a better idea of what is inside. Clear shoe containers are great because they add a little uniformity to the space. All shoes are stacked up in clear boxes. Selecting the right pair of shoes is easy when it just takes a quick skim of the containers to see what’s there. If you’ve spent any time shopping at 10 Dollar Shoe Store and More, you’re probably got a lot of shoes in the closet. Make sure you’ve got a storage plan to take care of those shoes.