Tips for Buying Bunk Beds in Green Bay, WI

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Shopping

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When multiple kids are sharing a room or an only child likes to have friends over for sleepovers on a regular basis, it may make sense to purchase bunk beds for children who are at least six years old, which is the minimum recommended age for using the top bunk. However, there are a number of factors to take into consideration when purchasing Bunk Beds in Green Bay WI.

Measure Carefully

Make sure to take careful measurements of the space available, including the ceiling height. Make sure that if there are drawers as part of the bunk bed, there will be plenty of room for these to open and make sure there will be at least two feet between the top of the bed and the ceiling to minimize the risk of heads getting bumped on the ceiling. Beds with trundles or specially designed low bunk beds may be more suitable for rooms with relatively low ceilings.

Consider Safety Features

Get a mattress that’s suitable for the height of any guard rails, as there should be no more than eight inches thick and there should be at least five inches of guard rail above the top of the mattress for safety purposes, making some mattresses too thick to use on the top bunk. Opt for stairs instead of ladders for young children or those who aren’t confident in climbing up and down ladders when purchasing Bunk Beds in Green Bay WI. Some bunk beds even come with slides to make it easier to get down, but these take up more space as a result.

Style Options

Think about what extra features would come in handy, such as an integrated desk, a trundle under the bottom bed, or extra drawers for storage, as well as what size beds would best suit your purposes. The standard bunk bed size is twin over twin, but there are also twin over full or full-over full beds available. Bunk beds are typically made out of wood or metal, with metal tending to be less expensive and lighter than wood.

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