What to think about when buying that custom stone

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Jewelry

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Be it that diamond you have always wanted or those coveted Ceylon Sapphires in Atlanta, a lot of thought goes into the initial purchase process. Are you thinking about buying custom jewelry? Here are some of the factors to consider;


The cut

This is almost always the first thing to consider. Cut determines the quality and brilliance, but most people only see the shape. The thing about cut though is that there is no single best one; it all depends on personal preferences. The shape determines the amount of light it dissipates and therefore how much it stands out. Customers will typically have to review the various shapes available on the market before making their choice. A quality jeweler will be able to offer you as unique a cut as you desire.



Clarity is a description of how perfect or imperfect the stone is. Every stone will have its flaws or little cracks called inclusions. Those that have none of these are rare and valuable, and are therefore, referred to as flawless. It might seem a tad confusing but if you have a good jeweler they will be able to explain everything. For diamonds, for instance, each grade has different meanings and implications on beauty and cost. If one is unsure of themselves, they should consider asking for a grading report. One must never buy any diamond that has visible flaws. Clarity when buying diamonds is determined by looking at the stone with a ten-power magnification. The diamonds are the graded and labeled using a system that includes letters and numbers to indicate the clarity.



Think about the budget and how much you are willing to spend on the stone. This narrows down choices, helps prevent overspending and in the end, the customer gets the best stone they can afford. There are always different options available on the market, based on color, clarity and size. Still, it pays to do some research before going out to make the purchase. Precious stones might all look beautiful and glamorous, but in the end, what matters if value for money; expensive is not always best. Like us on facebook

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