Zap Away Butt Acne Easily & Quickly Before Hitting Miami Beach

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Shopping

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Lotion for butt acne that actually works is a must-have if you shave regularly and love to rock kinis that showcase your sugar. Nothing kills the vibe of a sexy, toned glute more quickly than the sight of red, inflamed bum pimples. How does lotion for butt acne get the job done?

Pimples on the Other Cheeks

When your hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, acne happens. It takes many forms, including pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Bacteria often join the party, creating redness and irritation.

In puberty, hormones often precipitate the above scenario, but shaving can also yield similar results. Post-shave hair regrowth, sebaceous gland activity and exposure to microbes can leave the skin on your glutes rough, sensitive, bumpy, inflamed and unflattering.

Butt acne lotion contains safe, powerful ingredients that target the causes and symptoms of bum pimples. Here’s a brief rundown of butt acne lotion ingredients that help keep your cleanly shaven glutes smooth and soothed.

Clean, Cool Curves

Effective lotion for butt acne typically contains the who’s who of natural, over-the-counter acne products. Salicylic acid is one such ingredient. This organic acid derived from the willow tree dissolves all sorts of debris that clogs pores. Unclogged pores support healthy sebaceous gland activity and, free of bacteria, are less likely to be red, inflamed and irritated.

To ensure a cleaner skin environment, a quality butt acne lotion always contains antiseptic ingredients, such as oregano and jojoba. An infusion of pearl helps polish away blemishes, resulting in glutes that are smooth and evenly toned. Botanicals like aloe and spearmint cool newly shaved skin, keeping the skin on your bum comfortable between shaving sessions.

All natural ingredients are a major plus: they stack well with other products and fit into any daily skincare regimen.

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