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Avoid the Dangers of a Bunk Bed by Buying a Trundle Bed in Green Bay, WI

A trundle bed is a 2-for-1 bed. The main bed is like any other bed where a mattress sits on a frame off of the ground. Rather than having storage space under the bed, a second bed, called the trundle, is stored underneath. The second bed is slighter smaller than the bed above it. It sits at ground level and slides out on casters for use. A Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI has the advantages of efficiency and safety.

One main benefit of a trundle bed is the efficient use of space. Two beds in a small room may leave little space for play or other activities. Even in a larger room, a second bed takes up space that could be used for a desk, shelves, or other toys. A trundle bed will add an extra sleeping place without sacrificing space in the room.

A second benefit of a trundle bed is safety. If the room is not shared and the child tends to fall out of bed while sleeping, the trundle bed can be pulled out at night for a soft and safe place to land. If the room is shared, a trundle is a safer option in comparison to a bunk bed. Many bed manufacturers warn buyers not to allow children under the age of 6 on a top bunk. Others recommend raising the limit to 8 or 9 years of age. Falls or jumps from a top bunk can result in mild injuries including sprains or bruising. More serious injuries are also a risk and include broken bones, head injury, and even death. These risks can be avoided by using a trundle bed instead of a bunk bed.

A trundle bed in Green Bay, WI is a safe option for additional sleeping space. The under bed, or trundle, should be purchased at the same time as the upper bed to ensure a perfect fit that has the correct support system in place. Keep in mind the mattress type and size for the trundle must fit below the upper bed and may require special sheets due to the smaller size. Both beds utilize a slat system rather than a box spring to support the mattresses. The expense of a box spring is avoided and a firmer sleeping experience is provided. Get more information on trundle beds at visit us website.