What Are the Best Suits to Wear in Dangerous Situations?

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Clothing

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Are you working in dangerous situations and looking for protection? Do you want to avoid injuries caused by fire, explosions, or outside particles getting to your skin? There are work jumpsuits that can prevent these kinds of injuries that can be experienced in an industrial work setting. Flame resistant suits are becoming much more common, and some companies are even purchasing these for their employees. The continuous development and advancements seen with fire resistant suits can make these tools for protection much more popular. There are safety standards marked for companies in order to ensure that employees are provided with methods to prevent dangerous situations from causing injuries or other health problems. Fire resistant suits can provide you with some of the best protection against injury caused by fire or explosion. If you continue reading, you can learn about the hazards that are presented in dangerous environments and why fire resistant suits may help prevent you from being affected.


Fire resistant clothing is designed to protect you against flash fires and electric flashes. Flash fires can be caused if there are vapors of hydrocarbon in the air and if they ignite. Electric flashes may occur when there is a passage of a high amount of electrical current going through the air from an electric fault. This can last as little as a second, but the flash of explosion can create temperatures of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Material Should You Use?

If your company makes materials that can be combustible, you may be in danger of experiencing fire or explosions that could cause injury if you are without a work suit for protection. Arc flashes can often happen if you work at an electrical job. It is important to be sure you have substantial protection to your body as well as your garments. If you don’t wear a fire resistant suit, the material of your suit may continue to burn if you are exposed to fire.

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