The Beer Bike is a Technologically Advanced Beer Delivery Solution

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Bicycle Shop

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Fulfilling a Need

Necessity is the mother of all entrepreneurship. People love to have a beer to help them enjoy their favorite events. Everyone loves the person that provides the a frosty glass of beer that helps them to enjoy their favorite game, party, or any other outing large or small. People need professionals to bring them their favorite drink, providing beer at events is a good business opportunity that has the potential for great success.

The Tool of the Trade

In order to be able to fulfill this need you will need a practical way to deliver fresh, cold beer to people where and when they want it. A good delivery system is mobile enough to move freely around venues and able to transport beer safely while it stays fresh and cold. The vehicle must also be pleasing to other senses in order to attract a crowd. ideally it would have a place for effective advertising, to promote your brand, as well as a system that provides music to enhance the atmosphere.

The Beer Bike

There is a single solution that can make beer selling convenient and practical at a large event. Our Beer Bike was built specifically for vendors to deliver quality beer to customers. The beer dispensing bike is built on a sturdy, durable, steel frame that is still able to navigate through tight spaces. The bike’s side panels are a great place to promote your brand and the bluetooth sound system and LED lights will help you set the mood. The 24-speed drive train gives you the ability to navigate various terrain and the hydraulic brakes and heavy duty tires will help keep you safe and in control. Visit the website to discover how the Beer Bike can help kick your career up to another level.

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