Trade Show Apparel: Settling on the Right Type of Embroidery in Kansas City for Those Shirts

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Clothing

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While much of the planning for exhibiting at a trade show focuses on the show booth and the printed media that will be given away, there’s something else to consider. Every employee who will be representing the company at the show should have a shirt or jacket embroidered with information related to the business. Choosing the right approach to the Embroidery in Kansas City matters. Here are a few tips that will make it easier to settle on the ideal design.

Information to Include

Choosing to include two pieces of information in the design for the Embroidery in Kansas City is essential. Always include the company name prominently in the design. Attendees at the trade show should be able to glance at the name and read it with ease.

It also helps to include the logo or insignia that the company uses for advertising and on all printed media. The visual association helps to reinforce the brand in the minds of everyone who sees the logo.

How Large Should the Embroidered Information Be?

Take into consideration the type of shirt the trade show team will wear for the duration of the event. Perhaps the show has a more casual feel, and the decision is made to go with sweatshirts. Opting for a larger logo and company name that is centered across the front is a good approach. When the plan is for the employees to wear golf shirts or, possibly, button-down shirts, something smaller that’s located on the left breast pocket will work fine.

Choosing Colors

The best approach is to ensure the embroidered design utilizes the same colors that are used on all company documents. If the logo is mainly in the red with a black circle around the name, that should be the color scheme for the embroidery. Keep in mind that the color of the shirt must allow the logo and the company name to stand out with ease. In this example, opting for a white, gray, or pale blue shirt will ensure the embroidery looks great.

If a trade show is coming up and embroidered shirts are what the business owner wants for the exhibition team, learn more about us and how the graphic arts department can use digital technology to ensure the design is exactly what the customer wants.