Glock 43 Mag Extension Proves Positive Enhancement For Experienced Users

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Glock Accessories

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There’s a certain debate between gun enthusiasts and professional, such as police officers and military personnel, about the difference between the Glock 42 and Glock 43 pistol. For those in the market for a personal defense weapon, choosing between the 42 and 43 involves considering some significant differences.

For starters, the Glock 42 is easier to conceal and carry because it is slightly more compact. But for many, ammunition caliber is a bigger issue. The Glock 43 carries 9mm rounds while the 42 is for loading .380. Experienced hand gun users will tell you that 9mm are a superior choice in close range situations where shot placement is paramount. So, the fact that the Glock 43 chambers the 9mm gives an edge in defensive posture, probably superior to the 42.

A way to make the Glock 43 even better is to equip it with G43 Mag Extension. Doing so makes the 43 an more effective weapon and easier to handle. A G43 Mag Extension enhances the pistol in two primary ways. Obviously, you get to load a few extra rounds. But second, users say extending the magazine vastly improves the grip. That extra “handle” can gain you superior control over the weapon. This is especially the case for users with larger hands.

Adding the G43 Mag Extension probably makes this pistol a tad more difficult in a conceal and carry situation. However, that factor is easily mitigated with adjustments to your holstering equipment. Also remember that the Glock 43 is renowned for its marvelous slim frame and compact design. Again, an extension obviously adds just a tad of bulk, but you gain more rounds and a better grip.

The Glock 43 enhanced with mag extension has proven to be a popular configuration with police, military and othweaponser professionals who rely on their weapons every day.