How to Make Effective Use of a Magazine Extension in Different Situations

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Glock Accessories

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If you are a long-time handgun owner, you have probably heard about magazine extensions. Even though you might be somewhat familiar with the term, it’s likely that you do not fully understand how to use one. Use these tips to get the most out of a CZ magazine extension when using your preferred firearm.

Suggestions for On-Duty Use

If you are in law enforcement, there’s no doubt that you’d prefer to use a mag extension. The problem is that mag extensions can create additional bulk. This can be a problem when you’re on duty and need to remain as mobile as possible. There is one tried and true solution for this: use a normal mag while carrying and store an extended mag in your belt. Doing so gives you access to the CZ extended mag whenever you need it most.

Help With Concealed Carry

The main part point of concealed carry is to hide the weapon. Concealment becomes difficult when you start increasing the handgun’s profile by adding a mag extension. However, all hope is not lost for gun owners in Georgia. Depending on the type of weapon you use, a mag extension may not stick out in a noticeable manner. If it does, you can follow the advice listed above for on-duty officers: carry the mag extension in a mag holder. Taking this step will give you the benefit of concealment and a few extra rounds.

Home Defense Situations

If you primarily use your handgun for home defense, you have a lot of options when it comes to mag extensions. Under these circumstances, you are free to keep a CZ magazine extension in your pistol at all times. Knowing this can come as a relief to those preparing for self-defense. You never know when you might need that extra bullet.

An Additional Piece of Advice

As you can see, mag extensions fit in with any type of use. However, there is one more thing to think about to keep the extension as useful as possible. You may need to upgrade the spring in your pistol to handle the additional firepower. It makes no sense to use an extension if there is a chance it can fail.

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